Letter: Haywards Heath’s Rocky Lane reminds me of a ‘maggot’

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Your letters

So the demise of Haywards Heath continues unabated. Whenever I journey along Rocky Lane it reminds me of a maggot on a cabbage leaf munching away until nothing remains.

Whatever happened to Mr Cameron’s pledge that if green belt land is used for development a similar amount would be given back to the people. This I have yet to see, now that practically nothing remains. Pavement bushing is not my scene. Much has been made of the economic spurt that all the current development would bring to the town. Well! Where is it? Apart from the terrible traffic congestion which constantly fouls up South Road and other roads nearly nothing has happened. So where does all the added income that the new housing must boost the councils coffers end up? Surely the MSDC could have had the foresight to invest in sizeable areas of open land for public enjoyment. Haywards Heath is now a nothing town with little to commend it. The thought of a further seven thousand houses being clumped in West Sussex is quite unimaginable. Still never mind, in the not too distant future the MSDC may even concentrate all their efforts in providing some public the town can be proud of.


Edward Road, Haywards Heath