Letter: Government by a whim

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While watching the Cup Final recently I was struck by the very colourful fans in the stands at Wembly. Red and Blue.

It has struck me that in football and politics both activities are very similar.

The fans are wrapped in their teams’ colours and support chant and carry flags and group together.

What’s that got to do with politics?

The main parties are Red and Blue and Yellow and their followers act the same way. They back their teams political parties in the same way win or lose. So do football fans. They spent their hard earned cash with them too.

It does not exactly take intellectual rigour to do that or anaylsis. Therefore it follows change and rigour in selection is a whim and not based on deep thought. Full of conviction though.

So powerful governments of the peoples are by a whim of the peoples and not population wide analysis.

R Whiting

The Drive