LETTER: Financial burden of council tax rise

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Your letters

I was interested to see your report on page 20 of last week’s West Sussex County Times and I suspect most residents would agree with councillor Arthur’s view that Horsham District Council should not take advantage of its monopoly position to use its residents as a cash cow.

Horsham District residents do not have the luxury of being able to shop around, or go elsewhere, for their services and in that context Horsham District Council has a monopoly.

Many pensioners, single parent families and low paid workers have had no cost of living rises for many years. All residents’ disposable incomes have fallen progressively over the last few years.

I am sure, if managed properly, there are many services that could be shared with other authorities and a number of our assets that are generating less income than their commercial potential. I believe the Government is again providing additional funding to authorities that do not raise council tax, why are our district councillors denying residents the benefit of Government funding?

Surely, as our elected representatives due for election in less than 18 months, all alternatives should be vigorously examined, before our district council just imposes an additional financial burden on its residents. I hope the decision has not been made yet, because I am certain Horsham District residents will have a view on whether their councillors should just impose a council tax rise on them …


Chanctonbury, Ashington