Letter: Fed-up with switchover

Oh how I agree with every word of Derek Palmer’s excellent letter.

I along with countless other viewers are fed-up with the new digital switchover.

I wrote to my MP Tim Loughton. He told me we were informed before the switchover that we would not be able to get South today. Like Mr. Palmer. I would like to ask “why not”?

I want to see the Chichester Peregrines hatch, the Arundel Flower festival, the Bird men of Worthing and Bognor Regis. I don’t want to see what is happening in Hastings. I want the local weather.

What happens when the Olympic Torch passes our area? An historic occasion which we will miss.

I assume the powers that be think after a while we will all shut up and get on with watching South East. I think not.

I miss Sally Taylor and the “South “ team, they are true professionals. I don’t want to see the double act we have with the South East.

Molly Glover