LETTER: Diatribe against member of public

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Your letters

Cllr Philip Circus, chairman of Horsham District Council (HDC), writes a very patronising letter: ‘Nothing more than grandstanding’ (13.3.14) in response to a letter from Peter Grace about Cllr Circus’ chairing skills (6.3.14).

Being on the receiving end of Cllr Circus’ approach to chairmanship (council meeting 11.12.11) I and others (Cllr Frances Haigh who was slapped down last month at her first council meeting as leader of the Liberal Democrats) know how Peter Grace must be feeling.

It is all part of the autocratic and secretive culture, which pervades HDC under the present flawed cabinet system led by Cllr Ray Dawe aided by Cllrs Croft, Vickers and Rae.

But Cllr Circus should really practice what he preaches. In an article: ‘President calls for ‘wider links’ for twinning association’ (13.3.14) he said: ‘Personal contact is the best way of improving relations.’

Maybe Cllr Circus should offer Peter Grace a nice cosy fireside chat rather than conducting a vitriolic diatribe through these pages against a member of the public.

Perhaps he needs to remind himself that he is elected as a servant of the people not the other way round.


Tennyson Close, Horsham