Letter: complaint at ‘neutral’ reporting

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Your correspondent (September 19) commends your fair reporting of the fracking debate.

While I thank you for printing some letters from those opposed to the protest groups I think it reasonable to say that your stance has been, at best, neutral, at worst supportive of the protesters.

This at a time when our country enters an energy crisis, millions of people face a winter in fuel poverty and millions of pounds have been drained from the public purse for policing and legal costs as a result of the protests.

On a broader front, a legal operation has been stopped for a week & its work obstructed for two months.

Forget for a moment that this is “only” an energy company. Imagine a group objecting to the policy of a local newspaper but instead of taking their complaints to the appropriate authorities they bus in a mob; barricade the entrance, shout obscenities at the employees, sabotage vehicles and stop the paper publishing.

Would you adopt a neutral/ supportive stance towards these “peaceful” protesters? Or would you take up your pen in support of a legal business?

I put it to you that the time has come for a responsible local paper to take the same line on these selfish nimbys & their stooges as you would in reporting persistent anti-social behaviour.

Rodney Jago.

Stockcroft Road, Balcombe