Letter: Balcombe and contamination

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Your letters

We are concerned about the possibly very dangerous consequences of radioactive contamination when drilling through NORM: Normally Ocurring Radioactive Material?

These substances are known to be present in Balcombe and the High Weald. The Cuadrilla company involved have already applied to the Environment Agency for a permit to dispose of Radioactive Waste.

It names Drigg in Cumbria as the place it plans to dispose of Solid Radioactive Waste but fails to name any specific site for the disposal of Radioactive Aqueous (watery) Waste. There is no waste site in West Sussex that deals with Radioactive Materials that needs to be stored for some years. Where will it have to be taken?

Much more research is needed before companies such as Cuadrilla and Celtique are granted planning permission by West Sussex County Council to drill (in West Sussex) where NORM is present. Other European countries have placed moratorium on such activities. Should West Sussex and the whole of the UK do the same?

Kathleen Dumbovic

Janice Henwood

Burgess Hill