Ducks at risk on a busy road

I am writing to ask everyone who uses Harwood Road in Horsham as it passes by the two ponds just beyond the turning with Stirling Way to look out for the mother ducks and their offspring this year.

Every spring there is a tragedy as mother ducks try to cross from the Harwood Road pond to the Kingsmill pond next to the Family Centre with their ducklings.

With the speed limit set at 40 miles per hour they don’t stand a chance and there is no warning sign alerting motorists to the fact that ducks do regularly cross this road in springtime.

Highways Department at WSCC is responsible for traffic signs. I spoke to someone who told me that there are two problems with putting up road signs: one is funding (which I understand), another is liability in case someone has an accident involving the road sign which he spoke about at some length.

This sounded to me like a poor excuse to avoid spending some money and doing some work.

If there was ever a need for a sign warning motorists of ducks crossing it has to be here.

After listening to the lengthy speech about liability I got the impression that this might be used as a regular put-off for people asking for road signs.

What is required is a determined request from many people. If there are any other concerned readers out there who would like to add their weight to my request the reference number is 1254031 and the person to speak to is Steve Bignall, Highways Department, WSCC, telephone 01243 642105.


Corunna Drive, Horsham