Worthing Hospital faces fine

FAILURE to comply with the rules when patients leave hospital could land Worthing Hospital with a fine.

NHS Coastal West Sussex has warned Western Sussex Foundation Trust will face a financial penalty if it does not act fast.

The Clinical Commissioning Group heard on Wednesday that there had been an ongoing problem with discharge summaries.

Dr Tim Kimber, clinical director, said there should be a direct electronic discharge straight to GPs, but this was not happening as it should.

“We have applied pressure and all sorts of reasons have been given as to why this is not happening,” he added.

He revealed the hospital was only 18 per cent compliant with the need for discharge summaries.

As a result, the group would be sending a notice of a financial penalty if a plan to put it right was not produced in two weeks.

Dr Kimber added: “We take this very seriously, Western Sussex Foundation Trust knows we take this very seriously and we are not going to take no for an answerfrom our providers where quality is concerned.”