VIDEO: Takeover Day at Holmbush Primary

PUPILS took over two Shoreham schools on Friday, covering jobs from head teacher to meal supervisor.

Children were given the chance to see what the adults at their schools do, filling their roles during National Takeover Day 2013.

W48623H13 Curtis Tucknott, head teacher at Holmbush Primary School on Takeover Day

W48623H13 Curtis Tucknott, head teacher at Holmbush Primary School on Takeover Day

At Holmbush Primary School, in Hawkins Crescent, Curtis Tucknott, 10, was head and Mia Brandon, 11, was deputy head for the day.

Curtis had to update the staff weekly timetable, organise a meeting with the eco committee, check the behaviour policy and do a ‘learning walk’.

He explained: “I had to go and see all the classrooms were set up in the right way, the way we like it.”

He and Mia led an assembly on anti-bullying week, which they had planned the day before, and Curtis said it was ‘awesome’.

Mia took a maths revision session, looked over the reading cards to check pupils’ levels and chaired a meeting of the school council, looking at new play equipment.

She said: “It was actually fun but doing the assembly was scary.”

Head Miss Rebecca Jackson explained the eldest children in the school had been asked if they would like a role on takeover day and the staff chose a pupil for each job from the list.

“All the jobs are covered by children, IT technician, business manager, teaching roles, teaching assistants, meal supervisors,” she added.

In the office, business manager Olivia Jones, 10, and pastoral co-ordinator Ellie Howse, 10, were checking payments from parents for a school trip.

Olivia said: “We were answering people at the hatch in the morning, and on the telephone. We also designed a questionnaire about after-school clubs and did the registers.”

Ellie said: “I texted reminders to all the parents. It has been fun.”