Video: Sussex Police launch crackdown on rogue lorry drivers

Sussex Police were at the service in Pease Pottage today (Wednesday December 4) to launch an initiative to crack down on smuggling in the South East.

Operation Hedgehunter is a national Crimestoppers programme to tackle the illegal importation on people, drugs, counterfeit goods, fake alcohol and tobacco and weapons.

Operation Hedgehunter

Operation Hedgehunter

Police launched the Sussex initiative at the monthly STAMMTISCH where the police meet lorry drivers working in the haulage industry.

PC Phil Badman of Sussex Police said: “Through the STAMMTISCH meetings we have built up an excellent relationship with members of the haulage industry travelling through Sussex

“The vast majority of lorry drivers and decent, law-abiding people who are simply trying to do their job and make a living legally.

“They are not able to compete on a level playing field because some of their rivals are using the proceeds from organised crime to expand their business unfairly, such as by bringing deliveries or counterfeit good in to the country.

“We aren’t trying to put extra restriction on lorry drivers. We’re trying to make their lives easier by getting their criminal colleagues off the roads - and we need their help to do it.”