VIDEO: Crawley Debate - concerns about ‘bedroom tax’

The consequences of the Government’s welfare reforms - in particular the ‘bedroom tax’ - were raised at the Crawley Debate on Wednesday (February 6).

Concerns were voiced about how people in receipt of housing benefit would cope financially once the penalties for under-occupancy came into effect.

Residents at the Crawley Debate

Residents at the Crawley Debate

Cllr Bob Lanzer, leader of Crawley Borough Council, described the council’s efforts to assist people.

He said: “We try to increase housing supply so that people can downsize to avoid the bedroom tax.”

But Cary Buckham, of the Crawley Homes Tenants and Leaseholders Panel, warned: “Without changes to the way we view social housing, and what we want to do with it people won’t have places to live who can’t afford to buy a property.”

See next week’s Observer for a full report about the debate.

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