TV science geek looks forward to tickling our creative bones

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A former Brainiac presenter and Big Brother star will encourage Crawley children to get into science at the STEMfest finale.

Jon Tickle has promised to try to help children appreciate the fun and importance of Science during the Big Bang event at The Hawth on July 2.

The 39-year-old’s love for the subject was revealed during his appearance on channel 4’s Big Brother in 2003 when he amused his house mates with many inventive ideas.

Now the physics graduate is an ‘information architect’ and is constantly inventing new solutions to improve data management.

He explained how he will try to encourage the children at the Big Bang event to realise the importance of science, technology, engineering and maths when looking for a well-paid career.

He said: “I can explain how my degree gave me an opportunity in the media world and helps me day-to-day in my career.

“I just did physics for the fun of it, not realising I would put it to any use.

“I follow the scientific method where you examine evidence and come up with a hypothesis and apply it in the real world.

“We are very short of people like me in the IT industry and because of the shortage I’m paid reasonably well.”

After featuring on Big Brother and becoming one of the most popular house mates of the show, Jon became well known for his ‘Tickle Teaser’ section on Sky One’s Science abuse show Brainiac.

One of his most famous experiments involved him filling fellow presenter Richard Hammond’s swimming pool with cornflour custard and running across it.

This experiment was devised from his knowledge that custard is a non-Newtonian fluid meaning it would act like a solid when he impacted on it with his weight.

Jon explained what happened to his idea for a ‘time delay toaster’ which he spoke about on Big Brother.

He said: “I was going to call it the ‘Tickle timing toaster’ or something like that.

“I realised you already can get those on holiday when they have the revolving toasters where one piece is finished before the next, so I came up with a solution but one already existed.

“But the important thing is to keep thinking of innovative solutions, and that’s what I’ll tell the kids.”

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