Traffic schemes met with mixed reaction

Traffic backed up on the Norfolk Bridgge Roundabout due to the queue in High Street
Traffic backed up on the Norfolk Bridgge Roundabout due to the queue in High Street

MAJOR traffic schemes for Shoreham town centre have had a mixed reaction from residents and traders.

Short-term solutions, such as improved signage and strengthening parking enforcement, were welcomed.

But longer-term plans, such as enlarging the Norfolk Bridge Roundabout, were greeted with shock and dismay.

Parsons Brinkerhoff staff presented their Shoreham Town Centre Transport Study to Adur County Local Committee at Southwick Community Centre on Thursday, November 21.

The presentation by project director Andrew Cleaver and principal transportation planner Lauren Shimadry was repeatedly interrupted by traders who could not believe what they were hearing.

Both Peter Wood and Yvonne Campbell pointed out the study was based on data collected over just two days, at a time when the footbridge was shut.

Yvonne added: “The survey was done when the town was not operating as normal. It is very bizarre.”

She believed the increase in traffic as a result of the year-long closure of the bridge, combined with the large number of shuttle buses running as a result, would have made the data invalid.

She did, however, welcome plans to consolidate the ‘clutter’ of posts and signs and a scheme to reduce the number of bus stops in High Street.

“All the proposals you have given for the short-term were perfect,” she said. “It is what all the traders wanted.

“Actually cutting the bus stops down from four to two and enforcing no parking on the bus stops is all we need.

“If you do that and then come back and do another survey, then I would be much more interested.”

Mr Cleaver said an increase in traffic in the town over the next 15 years was inevitable, due to proposed developments.

The Norfolk Bridge Roundabout was already exceeding capacity and was recognised as a major point for potential traffic congestion, he added.

One option would be to enlarge the roundabout, which would involve eating into the car park area of the Bridge Inn.

Liza McKinney, an independent district councillor for Shoreham Beach, said she could not see that was an answer, suggesting it was the Saltings Roundabout the other side of the bridge that was the real problem.

“You are at a standstill on Norfolk Bridge for a considerable amount of time because of the Saltings roundabout,” she pointed out.

“You have got a huge lump of traffic and a massive backlog right up to Lancing.

“You really do not know what our real problems are. Our major problem is really being stopped going over the Norfolk Bridge.”

The committee noted the report, and the responses from the public.