Thunderstorms rage across West Sussex as severe warning issued


Driving rain and howling winds have been raging down across West Sussex this morning (Monday July 28).

Pedestrians and motorists alike have been affected by thunderstorms since the early hours of the morning.

The Met Office have issued a severe weather warning for London and the South East.

Sussex Police have warned all drivers of the dangers of driving in torrential rain and emerging flooded areas.

Road policing officer PC Andy Huggett said: “Heavy rain after a long warm spell invariably leads to slippery roads and drivers need to immediately adjust to the new conditions.

“Along with the surface conditions, there are the added hazards of very heavy rain, flash flooding and poor visibility and it is essential that drivers make allowances.

“Use your lights, keep your distance and ensure that you can see clearly - windscreens can be very smeary after days of summer bugs that get spread by the use of wipers.

“If you do encounter flooding, slow down and don’t go into the water unless you are absolutely sure that it is not too deep for your vehicle and that includes 4x4s.

“When you emerge from the flood water, use your brakes gently to dry them off, obviously making sure that there’s no other cars behind you.”

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