Students display creative talents

S25531H13''Art Exhibition  Steyning Grammar School. Ellie Bremner with her work
S25531H13''Art Exhibition Steyning Grammar School. Ellie Bremner with her work

STUDENTS with an artistic flair have been given the opportunity to showcase their work in a school exhibition evening.

Steyning Grammer School held a private view of GCSE and A-level students’ art work on Thursday, from 6pm to 9.30pm.

Head of art Anna Duke said: ‘The moderator will be in all day Thursday to make sure we have marked accurately and then after that we can open it up to the public and the school.

“We expect 400 to 600 people at the private view and there will be live music and it is always a good ambience.

“Students were enthusiastic about the evening and their work; everyone seemed to be making a huge effort organising and setting up the exhibition.”

Ellie Bremner, 17, said: “For my piece, I looked at colour schemes from other artists’ work and then painted an abstract version of a photo I had taken with similar use of colour.”

Photography student Jacob Blackaller, 16, said: “It’s a bit embarrasing having my work up. I was looking into distorting how things look or how you see them; so used a layering effect on my photos to distort the images from how they usually look.”

Eve Tettersell, 17, said: “It feels great to have my work displayed; I love the contrast of colours in my work, it’s very expressive and textured.”

Katie Duke, 16, said: “It’s a new and different experience having my work up, it will be interesting to see what people think.”

When talking about her work and inspiration, head girl, Holly Duckett, 17, said: ‘I’m a paint fanatic, I like painting expressively and I love thick paint, I’ve probably used the school’s whole supply of it.

“The aritsts who inspire me are the landscapes of Barbabra Rae and Lucien Freud.”

Ellen Crabb, 16, added: “I’m really pleased that people get to see what I’ve been working towards.

“I was focusing on propaganda, and used an imposing figure in my work to get that message across. I was exploring the force we put on others to do things and looked mainly at politicians.”

Hester Toovey, 15, said: “I was focusing on how we change our bodies with plastic surgery and how the media puts pressure on girls to change the way they look, but in a subtle way.”