Shops batten down the hatches to keep water at bay

Picture by Chris Oxlade
Picture by Chris Oxlade
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Shops near Three Bridges station are using sand bags to keep flood water at bay - and the road beneath the railway bridge is under water.

Traffic is able to pass under the bridge from the Pound Hill side but the Three Bridges side is impassable.

Picture by Chris Oxlade

Picture by Chris Oxlade

With customers unable to make their way through the water, the Kebab Centre has closed for the day.

A spokesman said: “We’ve put sand bags in front of the shop but we’re closing now because no one can get into the shop.

“If we move the sand bags all the water will get in.

“I’m looking over at the bank [Barclays] and they are higher than us but if the water rises any more, they will be flooded.”

Water has also flooded an electricity sub-station.

Firefighters were called to the scene near the Hazelwick Avenue junction in Haslett Avenue East, at around 11.30am.