Sherry and Dairy Milk - Mabel, 108, reveals secret to a long life

jpco-4-12-13 Mabel Edwards is 108 and they are having a party (Pic by Gary Lutke)
jpco-4-12-13 Mabel Edwards is 108 and they are having a party (Pic by Gary Lutke)

Original present ideas may have run low but cheer was very high at the birthday party of 108-year-old Mabel Edwards.

Four generations of family and many friends surrounded Mabel for another fun-filled birthday party at Deerswood Lodge Care Home last Tuesday (November 26).

Mabel’s son Chris Edwards, 63, admitted ideas were becoming sparse as the years went by.

He said: “She always used to drink sherry but she decided she didn’t like the taste a few years ago.”

Chris added that a good supply of her choice of tipple and bars of chocolate could be his mother’s secret to a long and happy life.

He joked: “When she used to look after the girls on a Saturday night she’d have a bottle of sherry and a bar of Dairy Milk and that’s her set up for the night.”

A close-knit family, strength of character and a big heart have also kept Mabel feeling full of life.

Chris said: “We used to have big family holidays. She was so popular everywhere. Everybody loved her.

“She still goes out to the local pub for a pub lunch and a drink every now and then.”

Mabel was born on November 26, 1905, in Sloane Square, London, and she moved to Battersea as a teenager.

She met her husband George in 1920s when she was working as a dairy manager in Wimbledon.

In 1961 the couple moved to Warren Drive, Ifield, with their five children, Chris, John, Maureen, Wendy and Brenda.

She has 15 grandchildren, 27 great grandchildren and seven great great grandchildren.

Chris added that he and his family were grateful for any time spent with his mother.

He said: “We’ve had some scares, then a week or two later she’s back on her feet again.

“She must have amazing inner strength. She always pulls through.”

The inspirational woman has now received five birthday cards from the Queen and this year she also received a card from Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.