Second World War sleepover

WW2 sleep over
WW2 sleep over

Children were given a good old fashioned lesson when they took part in a World War Two sleepover at Milton Mount Primary School .

The Year six pupils were given a real-life evacuation experience when their parents dropped them off at Balcombe train station dressed in old fashioned attire and carrying their suitcases and makeshift gas masks.

Once at their school, in Grattans Drive, Pound Hill, the 57 girls and boys enjoyed activities that children would have played in the 1940s.

Students slept over at the school and continued the experience the next day with war related school activities.

Janet Morris, chair of the Learning Committee, said: “They got some idea of what it would have been like to be separated from their parents and sent away and not know what’s going to happen and also see what school would have been like during that time.”