Rustington thespians’ sci-fi comedy

Rustington Players' latest play, Comic Potential
Rustington Players' latest play, Comic Potential

THE potential for comedic laughs and rib-tickling guffaws will be on the cards as amateur thespians in Rustington take to the stage in a sci-fi stunner.

The curtain went up for Rustington Players’ latest production, Comic Potential, last night.

The sci-fi romantic comedy, by Alan Ayckbourn, is set in the not-too-distant future, a future which has seen all the human actors replaced by androids called actoids.

The play follows the tale of Chandler Tate, a down-and-out former Hollywood director who has been relegated to directing a banal, never-ending soap opera.

Chandler ‘Chance’ Tate, played by Vic Moss, has his world turned upside down when one of the actoids, Jacie, begins to malfunction and starts breaking out into fits of laughter.

To compound the situation, Chandler is left horrified when filming is interrupted by high-powered executive Carla Pepperbloom and Adam, the nephew of the production studio’s owner.

Adam, a young and aspiring writer, soon becomes smitten with Jacie, played by Claire Cossins, after seeing her giggling at jokes on the set.

He starts teaching her the basics of comedy, an art for which Jacie shows a particular talent.

As the story unfolds, the duo soon fall madly in love and run away to a hotel together while being pursued by trackers.

Things soon spiral out of control, with outlandish and hilarious consequences for all concerned.

Spokesman for the Rustington Players, Alan MacGregor said: “This play has everything – comedy, pathos and drama as it explores the reasons why humans fall in love.

“The play is directed by Meg Bray, who recently directed the acclaimed production of Carousel at the Windmill Entertainment Centre, in Littlehampton.”

Mitch Reeves, of Arundel, is taking to the stage for the first time, playing the love-struck Adam.

The play is running at the Woodland Centre, Woodlands Avenue, Rustington, every evening from 7.45pm until Saturday.

Doors open earlier, at 7.15pm. Tickets are £9 per person.

There is a bar available inside the venue.

To book a ticket, please call the box office on 01903 774849.