Residents petition to save Victorian house

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West Green residents have set up a petition to save an “absolutely beautiful” building from demolition.

The campaigners have been collecting signatures to get the Victorian building at 117 Ifield Road listed status.

Cllr Vanessa Cumper (West Green, Con), who has spoken against plans to demolish the building, said: “The residents would like the building to be listed for local importance; to be purchased by the council on behalf of the community to be used as a community centre that offers health advice and support along with other advice services.

“The online petition is there as we cannot knock on every door in Crawley but we will be knocking on every door in West Green.

“Once we have reached 1,000 signatures we will present our petition to the council as part of the petition scheme so that it will be debated at full council.”

The campaigners hope to gather 5,000 signatures for their e-petition.

Crawley Borough Council twice rejected plans by Ashcrost Homes & Southern Ltd to demolish of the former doctor’s surgery to free the site for building flats.

The developers have appealed the first rejection.

Cllr Cumper said the petition was made after Crawley Borough Council officers said the building did not meet the criteria to be listed for local importance.

Rod Saward, of Albany Road, West Green, who spoke against the plans, said: “That building is absolutely beautiful. I think it would be a tragedy and a travesty to bulldoze it to the ground just to develop housing.”

John Cossey, 34, of Ifield Road, who also spoke against the plans and has since been petitioning in the neighbourhood, said building flats in Ifield Road would be an “accident waiting to happen”.

He said: “The flats would be built on a dangerous blind bend on a narrow Victorian road.

“We are trying to stop that development and protect that building.

“If the council bought this and turned it into a community centre they wouldn’t have to build one.”

For the e-petition visit