Residents evacuated after ‘terrifying’ explosion

Residents were evacuated from their homes after a ‘terrifying’ power station explosion last night (Tuesday July 9).

George and Jane Rosier live in a bungalow just three metres from the sub power station in Stonefield Close and they heard the explosion at around 7.30pm.

They and three other families were evacuated and told to wait in the street as two firefighters worked to control the fire.

All houses in the close lost their power until about 10.15pm and evacuated families were allowed back in their properties at about 9pm.

Jane added: “It was terrifying. It sounded like a bomb.”

George added: “I thought my car had exploded.”

Frederick Leppard, 79, was walking with his dog JoJo just 10 metres away when the explosion occurred.

He said his dog was very scared: “She doesn’t even like thunder let along that noise. She nearly pulled my arm off!”

A spokesperson for West Sussex Fire and Rescue, said the fire was caused by an oil leak from underneath the station and it was extinguished by 8.30pm.