Parking officer parked on double yellow lines sparks online fury with motorists

Horsham District Council parking enforcement car pictured by Nick Costin on double yellow lines in April
Horsham District Council parking enforcement car pictured by Nick Costin on double yellow lines in April
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Horsham District Council has defended its parking officers’ rights to park on double yellow lines after an enforcement car was pictured and posted on social media.

The photograph of a council vehicle was posted on Facebook by Nick Costin and within hours had a string of comments against the behaviour.

Horsham District Council left a comment saying it is in fact legal.

Mr Costin took the picture at the junction between Park Place and East Street in the evening. He said it was ‘total hypocrisy’ and many agreed.

Andrew Morley said: “This is shameful and at 8pm. There’s enough places they can park safely thus not causing a hazard.”

Former parking officer Ashley ‘Biggles’ Tiller even spoke out against it. He said: “I used to be a parking inspector for HDC and this annoyed me back even then! Although they are exempt and can park anywhere, it doesn’t mean they should. It just makes them look hypocritical and turns public opinion against them! Whilst “on the job” I had countless arguments with people because they’d seen our vehicles parked illegally and to make matters worse I can’t drive, so I was never the guilty one!”

Responding on Facebook an HDC spokesman said: “Parking enforcement vehicles are legally entitled to park on double yellow lines while carrying out enforcement activity and this is a commonplace when it is both safe and the most practical option. On this occasion the car was parked for around 20 minutes while the staff were working in East Street.”

But Mr Costin said disagreed that it was safe. “They may be ‘entitled’ to park on double yellow lines, but it was not parked safely or sensibly.

“It was parked on a corner junction making access difficult for vehicles entering or exiting the street, and it was parked across the double yellow lines which took up area on the pedestrian pathway.

“It was totally unnecessary. They could easily have chosen a more suitable place to park. I suggest that Parking Services read the comments that people have made. It is a clear example of careless parking by one of their wardens.”