Parents call for 20mph speed limit around all town schools

A new 20mph zone has been welcomed by people who want to see traffic calming measures at all schools.

Parents took to our Facebook page to celebrate the decision by East Crawley County Local Committee to increase parking restrictions and reduce the speed limit to 20mph on Grattons Drive, Home Close, Peterhouse Parade, Farmleigh Close and Pembroke Road.

The changes aim to calm traffic near Milton Mount Primary School and stop people parking in dangerous places during school pick-up periods.

Many online comments suggested the 20mph speed limit should be in place near all schools.

Helen Beagley said: “Great idea! Should have happened years ago!”

Sharon Boor added: “I agree also, there should be traffic calming measures and speed restrictions outside every school as standard.”

John Nolan added: “It’s like the qualifying rounds of Formula One. Everybody appears to be in a hurry.”

As well as the new speed limit, there will be extended double yellow lines on Grattons Drive.

There will be double yellow lines in Farmleigh Close, along the whole of the northern side of the road and around the curved grassed area.

There will also be a single yellow line around the edge of the oval parking area in the centre of Farmleigh Close with no parking allowed between 8.30am and 9.30am, and between 2.30pm and 3.30pm, on Mondays to Fridays, excluding bank holidays.

These restrictions will only apply from January 2 to July 25, and from September 1 to December 20.

This means that they will be relaxed for most of the summer and Christmas holidays,

Paul Aiken, said more parking needed to be provided.

He said: “My children go to Milton mount, and to be honest that’s the least that could be done, there is a big problem in the area at school times people think they can park where they like.”