Mum’s pride for girl who wants to be a boy

Seb and Tracy Livingstone
Seb and Tracy Livingstone

A proud mother has told of her of daughter’s courage in coming out as transgender at the age of 15.

Wednesday Livingstone, who now goes by the name Seb, considers herself male and told her mum she has felt like a boy for the past three or four years.

She wants to take hormone-blocking medication and potentially have surgery when she is old enough.

Mum Tracy admitted it had taken some time to get used to the initially shocking news.

She said: “For 15 years she’s been my little girl and now I’ve had to start calling her Seb, which is quite hard.

“I’m so proud of her. Whatever your kid’s gender and sexuality they’re still your kids, you love them whoever they are.

“She’s been very open about it but some people don’t like that kind of thing and various different people have called her names.”

Seb, of Southgate, dresses and tries to live like a boy but has been subjected to verbal and online abuse as a result.

The Thomas Bennett Community College pupil has a strong group of friends who stick up for her and she tries not to let others people’s prejudices affect her.

Seb said: “When I was younger I was quite girly but then I started getting into football and hanging out with boys. I started wearing more boys’ clothes and doing less girly things.

“What people say sometimes gets you down but you try not to think about it too much.”

Mum Tracy said her own punk attitudes had influenced her parenting of Seb, who is into hardcore bands Enter Shikari and Bring me the Horizon. She said: “I tell her not to give a stuff what anyone else says and be yourself. Don’t be a little sheep, speak your mind, be honest, and be who you want to be.”

Tracy believes there should be more education about alternative gender and sexual identities. She said: “With the whole transgender thing a lot of people don’t know about it. You’ve got sex education in school, perhaps its time to start opening people’s eyes with education on homosexuality and transgender? A lot of parents say they don’t want their kids turning out like that, but what if they do?.”