Land transformed to demonstrate energy efficiency

Woods Mill, the headquarters of the Sussex Wildlife Trust
Woods Mill, the headquarters of the Sussex Wildlife Trust

WILDLIFE experts are to build an energy efficient garden to raise awareness of how small changes can make a big impact.

The Power Garden at Sussex Wildlife Trust’s Woods Mill Nature Reserve in Small Dole has been funded with the help of a £9,950 a grant.

A piece of land will be transformed to provide food, harvest water, save energy and welcome wildlife.

It is aimed at educating children, but it will also help adults to learn about how small changes can affect energy costs, efficiency and the sustaining of the environment.

The money came from the Power of Giving Fund, set up by UK Power Networks to help community projects, particularly those aimed at improving the environment and saving energy.

Ashleigh Braund, business development manager at the Sussex Wildlife Trust, said the garden would inspire and educate people about the importance of an efficient and sustainable lifestyle.

He added: “It is important that the Power Garden demonstrates a lifestyle and not just energy efficiency measures on their own.

“The idea is that children can play and interact with the area, allowing the lessons to become deep-rooted in fun and an understanding of the principles of sustainable living.”