Labour calls for Crawley Tory cabinet to resign

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The Labour group on Crawley Borough Council has called for the entire Tory cabinet to resign.

It says the town is facing challenges in the years ahead which cannot be confronted by a group so fundamentally split.

It says the Conservative group has lacked leadership over the past few weeks and the borough ‘deserves councillors who will fight for the town, rather than fighting each other’.

Labour Group chairman Chris Oxlade (Lab,Ifield) said: “Now, more than ever, the town needs a council with a real direction and sense of purpose, yet rather than leading the Tories have resorted to infighting and pettiness.

“This administration has proven that they cannot deliver and it’s time for them to go.”

However, the newly-elected leader of Crawley Conservative group, Cllr Howard Bloom, hit back at the claims saying the leadership election had united the councillors.

He said: “We had a full attendance at the group meeting last night (Thursday September 5). Two members could not make it, but they voted by proxy.

“We had presentations from all three candidates which were detailed and in depth and members asked questions.

“We are not in disarray. We are united, we have a sense of purpose and going forward. We have achieved significant improvements in council services under [former council leader] Bob Lanzer’s leadership.

“We are coming out fighting. I have received significant support today from a variety of members congratulating me. I am confident we will survive and we will prosper.

“This is Labour being opportunistic. Try again in the elections in May and good luck to you, but they are not going to get it before.”