‘I wish I had another 60 years,’ says diamond wedding husband

Agnes and Pariac Duffy from Ifield, who are celebrated they diamond wedding anniversary
Agnes and Pariac Duffy from Ifield, who are celebrated they diamond wedding anniversary
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A couple from Ifield say a sense of humour, good health and the blessing of children and grandchildren have helped them reach 60 years of marriage.

Just a month after Queen Elizabeth II was crowned, Agnes and Paraic Duffy were having their own celebration.

At St Mary’s Church in Croydon, on July 25 1953, they married and last week they celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary.

Both from County Leitrim in Ireland, they used to go dancing together, but as work was short there, especially for young people, they moved to England in 1951.

Agnes, 82, said: “When we left we had no intention of getting married because he was in London and I was in Margate. After about two years we got married.”

They moved to Crawley about 57 years ago when the town was expanding and they had six children - Patrick, Mairead, Veronica, Andrew, Sean and Rachel.

The couple also have six grandchildren aged between 18 and 27.

As they talk, it is easy to see they are still very much in love.

Their daughter Rachel said: “They have a very good sense of humour both of them. They are both very fun-loving people and there’s still that spark. It’s lovely.

“Do you know what Dad said when I said ‘How do you feel being 60 years married’? He said, ‘I wish I had another 60’.”

Agnes said: “He’s put up with me and I’ve put up with him.

“The children are a big blessing in the marriage. They have all been, thank God, perfect. Then they started to give us grandchildren.

“We’ve only got to lift the phone and they are here. They keep us busy.

“We are lucky to live this long. I’m 82 and Pariac is 88. We are feeble now, but we had good health. We have had a good life, never had pots of money, but just enough.”

Their children and grandchildren all live locally apart from one son who lives in Germany. In August they and their family in Croydon plan to have a party to celebrate the anniversary Agnes and Paraic’s Diamond Wedding.