How do you solve a problem like vehicles parking on grass verges?

Paking on grass verges in Ifield Drive (Pic by Jon Rigby)
Paking on grass verges in Ifield Drive (Pic by Jon Rigby)
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Residents are being asked to help solve the problem of parking on grass verges in one of the town’s neighbourhoods.

Crawley Borough Council is working on a number of ideas to tackle the ongoing problem – but Tilgate is proving a challenge.

The council has been looking into problem parking and the damage it causes to the verges since February 2012.

Working mainly with West Sussex County Council, seven initiatives have been highlighted to combat the issue, which a spokesman said regularly ranks as one of residents’ top concerns.

The seven initiatives are: working with schools, working with residents’ groups, verge hardening, residential environmental improvements, protection of verges, providing support to create new enforcement powers, and a project specific to Tilgate.

The project aims to review parking and road use in Tilgate which, due to the design and use of the streets, is proving problematic.

As a result, both councils are calling on residents to share their views in an attempt to come up with a joint solution.

Recent success stories include a joint project between St Francis School, Southgate, residents, Sussex Police and both councils where responsible parking was encouraged as part of the school’s safer pavements campaign.

Fencing was installed in the worst affected areas – and other schools have expressed an interest in similar improvements.

Cllr Ken Trussell, Cabinet member for environment, said: “These initiatives are at various stages.

“Some have been completed and are working well, like the fencing near St Francis School, others are being worked on now and more still are being planned.

“Parking on grass verges makes our neighbourhoods look untidy and unappealing but we recognise that sometimes alternative options are few and far between.

“That’s why this project, with the help of the county council, intends to protect our verges as well as provide more parking.”