Holly’s tasty caveman menu

Restaurant owner Jeremy Ashpool with Holly Taylor who has a pop up restaurant at Jeremy's
Restaurant owner Jeremy Ashpool with Holly Taylor who has a pop up restaurant at Jeremy's

Chemist turned nutrition expert Holly Taylor is turning back the centuries to open the UK’s first pop-up restaurant specialising in gluten-free and paleo (caveman) food.

Paleo dishes mimic what our Paleolithic, hunter-gatherer ancestors ate tens of thousands of years ago with meat, seafood, nuts, seeds, eggs, fruit and vegetables predominant.

Holly believes the so-called caveman diet is a healthier way to eat combined with gluten-free which eliminates the protein found in grains such as wheat, barley and rye.

She said: “Our genes are the same as they were thousands of years ago but the food environment has changed massively. What killed our ancestors was lack of hygiene and sanitation rather than the chronic disease like cancers and IBS that we suffer now and there is reasonable evidence that eating the way they did is supportive of health. This is especially the case for inflammatory diseases such as IBS and arthritis and better for our gut flora balance.”

Holly, from Burgess Hill, is now launching what she believes is the first pop-up restaurant in Sussex and the UK serving gluten-free and paleo-friendly food.

Her venue is at Jeremy’s Restaurant at Borde Hill, near Haywards Heath, and is supported by chef proprietor Jeremy Ashpool. Holly’s Pure Taste pop-up will appear on a Monday evening once a month, starting this Monday, February 25.

Jeremy fully supports the concept and recognises that there is a place for such a venture in the gastro restaurant environment where requests for gluten-free foods have evolved from a rare occurrence to almost daily.

He said: “I suppose I am very much responding to a trend and I feel there are enough people who urgently need this not just for health necessity but dietary choice as well. I certainly wouldn’t be going with it unless I thought the customer was going to have a joyful experience.”

Holly, who has a chemistry degree and lectures at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, has been volunteering in the kitchens at Jeremy’s and adjoining Elvira’s Cafe since last April and has since done an intensive, residential cookery course. She now replaces flours containing gluten with ingredients such as rice, potato and ground nuts while her paleo foods exclude grains, dairy, legumes and sugar.

What are the benefits?

Consumption of wheat and other grains containing gluten has soared since agriculture was transformed by machinery and mass processing which means it is now found across our food range.

Holly believes we could all benefit from eating less gluten resulting in less common symptoms such as bloating and tiredness and benefits such as more energy.

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