Healthy theme for annual Adur Children Show

PRIMARY schools across the district gathered at Shoreham College for the annual Adur Children Show.

For the third year running, the St Julian’s Lane college opened its doors to local primary schools to host the annual show.

Shoreham College, the hosts of the annual Adur Children Show

Shoreham College, the hosts of the annual Adur Children Show

The college said it was a resounding success, with 250 parents turning up to watch the children perform dances, based around the theme Keeping Healthy and Well.

Earlier in the year, pupils from nine primary schools took part in a number of workshops, learning how to make hats from junk, led by project leader Jo Cone, from Peek a Boo Moves.

Then, during the term, each school worked on making hats and choreographing a dance.

Shoreham College, the only independent school to take part, was joined by Shoreham Beach, Buckingham Park, St Peter’s and Globe primary schools.

Pupils in Years 4 and 5 from Shoreham College explored the theme Proud to be Me. They made hats and designed their own t-shirts to represent emotions. Another group worked on a dance, exploring a number of emotions.

Julian Batstone, project leader for Shoreham College, said: “This year saw a rise in the standard of dance and craft work, showcasing the talents of children from all over Adur.”

The show ended with the 130 or so pupils all singing two songs to thunderous applause.