Inspection finds records now secure

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SOUTHLANDS Hospital has “taken steps” to improve standards after a previous inspection revealed medical records had not been locked away.

The Care Quality Commission revisited the Shoreham hospital in March and found standards of record keeping had now been met.

The report by CQC states: “During our inspection in November, 2012, we were able to open a cupboard off the main corridor in the physiotherapy department which contained filing cabinets full of patient records.

“This cupboard did not have a lock on the door and anyone could access the area.”

They had also visited the day surgery unit, where they walked into a storage cupboard which was unlocked.

“The cupboard contained theatre logs with patient details, controlled drug books with patient details, and confidential staff information,” the report said.

Inspectors said they spoke to two members of staff during the recent inspection and they “demonstrated understanding relating to maintaining secure records”.

Following the November inspection, an action plan was made to resolve the issues and the March inspection found record keeping met the standard.