Hassocks resident finds creepy wallpaper in spare room

Sent in by Kate Kenny
Sent in by Kate Kenny

A Hassocks family had a spooky shock when having some work done on their spare room.

Kate Kenny, her husband and two children, recently moved to their new home, built in 1923, and was having work done when decorators found some ghoulish wallpaper.

Sent in by Kate Kenny

Sent in by Kate Kenny

She told the Mid Sussex Times: “We recently moved into a house in Hassocks and have started doing renovations to it.

“Yesterday, on Halloween, we were having some work done in our spare room. The guys were taking a built-in bed off the wall, when they found the most ghoulish wallpaper underneath. I have attached three of the freaky girls that were uncovered - complete with blood-like stains.

“This has been causing much amusement amongst our friends and family.

“It is terrifying wallpaper (I think it was in a child’s bedroom - not exactly going to give you sweet dreams). And particularly spooky to have unearthed it on Halloween. I am glad I wasn’t here alone last night!

“Our friends have been joking that they are girls that have been entombed in the wallpaper!

“These ladies will be stripped off the wall today, so I thought I would give you the opportunity to see them first.”

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