Hassocks home with an open grave.

Terry Matthews' spooky house
Terry Matthews' spooky house
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It looks like a deserted, derelict house but behind the cobwebbed shutters, Terry Matthews is hatching an evil plot to terrify his neighbours.

Terry from Reed Close, Hassocks has turned his home into a haunted house for Halloween, complete with a ghoulish cemetery in the garden.

Mind the skeleton!

Mind the skeleton!

Relatives and neighbours have been invited to a scary private party in the dark - if they dare to cross the threshold.

Just to make sure their spines are tingling, ghostly green lights will filter through the boarded windows.

Terry said: “We’re just going to have a good time but last night’s (Wednesday, October 30) strong winds blew a few things down so I’ve been out doing some repair work.”

Terry had to resurrect a creepy pair of cemetery pillars that blew down.

Be warned - if you venture past the lawn you might stumble over a skeleton glaring at you from an open grave.