Gatwick investigation after plane landed without clearance

Gatwick Airport
Gatwick Airport

An investigation is under way after a passenger plane landed at Gatwick Airport without clearance.

The plane landed despite an air traffic controller instructing the pilot to perform a ‘go around’ due to the runway being in use by another aircraft.

A go-around is a standard safety procedure in which an aircraft approaching an airport breaks off its approach and flies a circuit before landing.

The incident happened at 6.50pm on Monday (January 6).

A spokesman for National Air Traffic Services (NATS) said the crew of the Boeing 737 acknowledged the instruction to “go-around”, but the aircraft continued to land.

It is understood the other aircraft was exiting the runway as the plane came in to land.

The spokesman added: “At the time the aircraft landed the runway was not occupied and safety was not jeopardised at any time.”

The matter is now the subject of an internal NATS investigation.