Council service to get rid of wasps

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Honey bees are insects we try to protect but wasps and hornets can be a real nuisance, especially when they create nests close to homes or gardens.

Mid Sussex District Council is reminding people about an affordable treatment to get rid of wasps’ nests.

Council Pest control professionals can be dispatched quickly to resolve the problem and most nests can be treated in one visit.

The cost of the service is £50 for the first two nests and £20 for each additional nest.

Concessionary rates are available to residents in receipt of certain means tested benefits at a cost of just £25 per visit to treat the first two nests and £10 for each additional nest.

Residents are advised not to remove nests themselves. Hornets and wasps can mobilise the entire nest to sting in defence of an attack and this can be highly dangerous.

Approximately three people in 100 suffer from an immediate allergic reaction to being stung. To book the wasp treatment service call 01444 477423.