English Heritage rejects 15 homes bid near Sunte House

Sunte House
Sunte House

Neighbours worried that building homes near a Queen Anne house will spoil its setting have won strong support for their objections from English Heritage.

The Heritage says the Banners Homes scheme for 15 houses for land south of Sunte House at Gander Green, Haywards Heath, should be refused when it is decided by Mid Sussex Council.

In a letter to the council the South East Office of the Heritage says: “Sunte House is an attractive Queen Anne house with a remnant countryside setting and is listed at Grade II*. The proposal for 15 dwellings on land to the south of the house would harm its rural character, and the southern aspect of the house would be experienced within the context of a suburban environment.”

The Heritage points out the harm would not be outweighed by the public benefits of providing 15 homes, four of them “affordable”.

The site had twice been considered for inclusion as an allocated housing site within the Mid Sussex Local Plan 2004 and the Mid Sussex Small Scale Housing Allocations Document 2008 and rejected by inspectors.