Elections: Candidates make final push for votes

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With polling day well under way, some of the candidates in the West Sussex county elections are making a final push for votes.

Nine seats are up for grabs in Crawley, with the Conservatives, Labour, and the Liberal Democrats fielding candidates in all nine, the Green Party fielding five, the Socialist Labour Party and the Justice Party fielding one, with one Independent.

Bob Burgess, Conservative candidate for Northgate & Three Bridges said the doorstep response had been “positive” and added: “I’m always very pessimistic, even at a count when I can see my pile going up higher than others. I don’t start shouting until it’s finally secured.

“We’ve done as much as we can putting leaflets out and canvassing. If people like what they read, fine. If they don’t, that’s disappointing naturally but whoever took over, I know people would have a great councillor who would fight their corner in the same way I would.”

Labour candidate for Bewbush & Ifield West Chris Oxlade spent the morning out and about in Crawley with Shadow Business Secreatry Harrison “Chuka” Umunna.

Mr Oxlade said: “We’re getting a really good response on the doorstep. We’ve been talking to thousands of people throughout the day and they’ve been quite receptive. It’s all been very positive.”

Malcolm Liles, Green party candidate for Southgate & Crawley Central, said: “It’s been extremely difficult to know what the response of people is because so people people have signs on their doors saying ‘no cold callers’ that it’s very difficult to gauge. I expect to do reasonably well. For me that won’t be coming first but I’ll be happy to come third.”

Richard Symonds, Independent candidate for Tilgate & Furnace Green, said: “Have people been receptive to me as an Independent candidate? Well, judging by emails received in response to the leaflets - and talking to a number of people - yes. But it’s what people do at the Polling Station which will decide things - but I sense a massive percentage won’t be anywhere near a polling station today - which is a democratic disgrace - and dangerous to our freedoms.”