Cyclists warned to plan journeys after road deaths

jpco-27-11-13 Peter Smith is encouraging people to use the Cycle paths in Crawley (Pic by Jon Rigby)
jpco-27-11-13 Peter Smith is encouraging people to use the Cycle paths in Crawley (Pic by Jon Rigby)

Cyclists have been warned to plan their journeys in response to complaints about Crawley’s roads.

Crawley Borough Council member Peter Smith, who is a campaigner for cycling safety and member of Cyclists Touring Club (CTC), has advised cyclists to use route maps to find safe cycle routes.

The advice comes after six people died while cycling on London’s roads in two weeks.

Cllr Smith (Lab, Ifield) said: “Cyclists, especially new cyclists, need to spend a little time finding the best route for their journey – often there is a better way through quieter roads or using roads that have cycle paths on them.”

Cycle route maps have been made available by Crawley Borough Council as part of its campaign to encourage cycling in the town.

Some Crawley residents have written on the Crawley Observer’s Facebook page and said roads in the town needed to be made safer with more cycle lanes. Robert Bowall wrote: “There’s a lot of aggressive driving through Three Bridges, so no wonder some people chose to ride on the pavement there.

“I suggest bicycle repeater marks in all three lanes to remind drivers that cycles are allowed in any part of the road that vehicles are. Other than that, I think there should be a dedicated wide cycle lane along College Road and The Boulevard to link up the town centre with the other paths - the road is certainly wide enough to do this.”

Alison Smoker said conditions for cyclists were worsened by road works, pot holes, parked cars and lack of cycle lanes.

She added: “The cycle lanes that do exist have overgrown hedges making it impossible to cycle on.”

Cllr Smith agreed more cycle paths were needed and said the CTC had been working with the borough and district councils to try to create more.

A spokesperson for West Sussex County Council (WSCC) said anyone with cycle path suggestions should go to their local county councillor.

The Boulevard is being investigated by WSCC as the Crawley Cycling Forum has already requested a cycle path be created there. Cyclists can get in touch with the Crawley Cycle Forum via Facebook at

CBC’s cycle path maps are available to download at

They are also available from the libraries, stations, Town Hall, Evans and Central Sussex College.

Safety advice is available at: