Spate of break-ins to cars

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Police have warned motorists to be vigilant following a number of breaks-ins to cars in Crawley.

There were five reports yesterday (August 7) to four cars had been broken into or been attempted to have been broken into on August 6, three at Ifield Community College and one at Broadfield Stadium.

At Ifield Community College, one car had an i-phone and a charger stolen, another a phone and wallet and the third a sports bag.

The car parked at Broadfield Stadium, was broken into but nothing was stolen.

On Monday July 29 police received calls about a further five break-ins. Two cars were broken into at K2 and phones and wallets were stolen.

A three cars at Broadfield Stadium were broken into and two phones and a wallet taken from one of the cars.

PC Elliott Whitehead from Crawley Police Neighbourhood policing team said: “We are asking people to be vigilant when they are parking and leaving their cars.

“Please make sure you have removed everything of value from them and you make sure the doors are properly secured. We’re stepping up patrols in these areas and will be viewing CCTV. Anyone who has seen any suspicious behaviour is asked to contact police on 101.”