Police crackdown on vehicles in Worthing

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THIRTY-six drivers have been stopped and issued with Fixed Penalty Notices for mobile phone or seatbelt offences in a road safety awareness operation in Worthing.

Officers from the force Roads Policing Unit, Worthing Neighbourhood Policing Team, and the Vehicle Operator Standards Agency (VOSA) took part in the initiative, one of a series known as Operation Airwalk Enforcement.

The operation was carried out on the A27 at the Charmandean Centre during Tuesday May 15.

PCSO Ed Mitchell from the Worthing Neighbourhood Policing Team said; “The operation is principally aimed at educating drivers using mobile phones and both drivers and passengers found not wearing seat belts.

“However, in addition, a scaffolding lorry travelling from Lewes to Hampshire was found to be clearly overweight. When stopped by officers its mudguards were almost scrapping the ground. When escorted to a weighbridge the 3500 kilo vehicle was weighed to be 51% over weight. The condition of this vehicle was extremely dangerous, affecting not only the handling of the lorry but also its braking distance. After the lorry was weighed the driver was told to unload 1500 kilos of weight before being told he would be summonsed to court as this breach was too serious for a Fixed Penalty Notice.

“Also, a minibus was stopped while driving to pick up some school children, and was given an immediate prohibition notice by VOSA officers, as the sliding door of the vehicle would not close properly, potentially causing it to open while in transit.”

This joint operation is conducted frequently on roads in Sussex.

If you wish to report road related issues, Operation Crackdown is a free on-line service where the public can identify dangerous road users, report drivers for mobile phone use or no seat belt and report offences such as untaxed and abandoned vehicles. All reports submitted are processed by the Road Policing Unit.