VIDEO: Should the lanes up to Prewetts Mill Roundabout be marked out?

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Debate has raged about which lane traffic should be in approaching the Prewetts Mill Roundabout in Worthing Road, Horsham.

On social media drivers were divided about whether you have to be in the left or right-hand lane to go straight-on at the roundabout, going towards the Bus Station and Horsham Library.

Lane demarcation in Albion Way at Prewetts Mill Roundabout.

Lane demarcation in Albion Way at Prewetts Mill Roundabout.

Articles 184 to 186 of the Highway Code suggest that the left-hand lane should be used to access an intermediate exit on a roundabout.

One motorist who uses the route every day thought that drivers using the right hand lane to go straight at the roundabout was a dangerous and would cause an accident sooner or later.

They said: “I would go in the left lane but I always see motorists go in the right lane so it confuses me so I end up copying people and doing what they’re doing.”

Should the road be marked out clearly, like the Albion Way approach to the roundabout?

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