Woodchip dust covers cars

S24504H14 John Oakley wipes the dust off his car in Brambledean Road

S24504H14 John Oakley wipes the dust off his car in Brambledean Road

CONCERNS about dust caused by woodchip manoeuvres at Shoreham Port have been raised again.

John Oakley, of Brambledean Road, Portslade, said a layer of dust covered cars in his road this morning.

Health concerns first arose in 2011 when Stobart Biomass began storing woodchip for export and people said dust could often be seen in the air.

The woodchip operation ceased in 2012 but Mr Oakley raised the issue again last June, when woodchip began arriving again as the operation got back up and running.

Shoreham Port has been working hard to solve the issue, introducing a special machine to reduce the impact of the dust.

Development director Peter Davies said: “We received one complaint today about dust possibly linked to the loading of woodchip on to a ship at Brighton Terminal.

“The Environment Agency visited the site and were satisfied with the management of the loading.

“Great care is taken to minimise any nuisance and we have very few complaints given how close we are to residential areas.

“The weather is very dry at the moment and there is generally more dust around. It’s not just confined to areas near ports.”

Read more in next week’s Shoreham Herald. Call senior reporter Elaine Hammond on 01903 282378 if you have also experienced problems.




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