Wildlife group wants Brooklands dredged

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A WILDLIFE group is campaigning for Brooklands lake to be dredged after more than 30 dead or dying animals were pulled from the water in a fortnight.

Brooklands Wildlife Support Group believes deep silt at the bottom of the lake is encouraging the growth of toxic Blue Green Algae blooms.

Worthing Borough Council maintains water quality tests currently show the risk of a harmful algae infestation as ‘low’, with just two of 18 tests positive for the plant.

But animal rescue charity WADARS continues to pull animals suffering with the apparent effects of algae poisoning out of the lake.

Group member Marjorie Wright said: “Everyone has watched the swans building their nest, bringing their little ones down and seeing them grow.

“Now, we have watched them die. It’s caused a lot of people distress.”

The group believes dredging the lake would lessen the risk of the algae forming but the cost of removing the silt could be significant because it may be classed as toxic waste.

The algae is highly poisonous and can prove fatal if animals come into contact with it.

Mrs Wright said compensation from the temporary loss of land to install cabling for the Rampion offshore wind farm could pay for costs of the dredging.

For the full story, see the Herald, out Thursday, August 7.




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