VIDEO: Vomit-choking passenger saved by Horsham cabbie

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A Horsham cab driver has recounted the moment he saved a woman from choking on her own vomit after she passed out in the back of his car.

Adrian Brand, 52, was picking up regular AAA2B customer Pam Saggers, 67, from Sainsbury’s in Worthing Road, Horsham, at around 2pm on Friday (December 13) when she fell ill.

The cabbie had just finished loading up her shopping and was sitting behind the wheel preparing to leave the car park when Pam ‘collapsed like a sack of potatoes’ and was sick over herself.

Adrian, who has been trained in first aid, said: “She got half way to putting her seatbelt on and collapsed and a load of vomit came out of her mouth.”

The cabbie’s training kicked in and he sprung into action.

He continued: “I put my hand in front of her eyes and nothing - no reaction.

“She was about to choke on her vomit.

“I helped her up so she was sitting upright. I got her hair out of her face and lifted her head up and told her to let it all out.

“All of a sudden the flood gates opened and she vomited.”

Adrian added: “If you choke on that we’re looking at something a lot worse than vomit in the car, we’re looking at a fatality.”

When his confused customer came to she thought she was at home.

The driver has stressed the importance of knowing first aid and says everybody should have a basic understanding of the life-saving training.

After the incident Pam thanked Adrian for his quick action and said she did not remember anything after passing out.

She said: “I’d been to Sainsbury’s and done all my shopping. I got outside and was talking to a friend and said I don’t feel very well. I got in the taxi and that’s it - I don’t remember anything else.”




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