VIDEO: School’s super fundraising success ‘shocks’ staff

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FUNDRAISING at a Southwick school went so well, staff could not believe it.

Eastbrook Primary Academy learned the total they had raised for the NSPCC at a special assembly on Monday.

Head Julia Sherlock told them: “I don’t think people will be surprised, I think they will be shocked.”

When the children gasped at the news the final total was more than £4,300, she added: “That was exactly the response that every adult in the school had, disbelief.”

Each class took part in Buddy’s Big Workout, organised by PE technician Dean Funnell, including bench exercises and star jumps.

Emily Bradbury, NSPCC schools organiser in West Sussex, said the money would be mainly used to recruit and train people for ChildLine.

“To recruit and train a councillor costs £1,600,” she explained. “Within their first year of being on the phones, each one will speak to more than 200 children.

“These are children who are worried or scared and need someone to talk to. They will ring ChildLine and they will have someone to talk to and help.”

Certificates were awarded to the best classes, with teacher Alan Trower’s class (5AT) topping the charts after 90 per cent of the class took back their forms and sponsor money.

Contact Emily Bradbury to organise an NSPCC awareness assembly and a school fundraising event. Email or telephone 01403 230793.




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