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SHOREHAM pupils rocketed into space this week for the launch of a term-long project.

Holmbush Primary School, in Hawkins Crescent, is running To Infinity and Beyond alongside Coldean Primary School in Brighton.

Head teacher Rebecca Jackson explained the schools were working together on the project until Easter, with all the children getting involved.

Pupils dressed as astronauts started the day at Mission Control, where they watched a mission report about the Numeron Galaxy before launching to their different planets.

Years five and six were transported to Tabluto, where there was a gravity-defying river running over the ceiling.

Mrs Jackson said the staff had worked really hard getting it all ready, including decking the older children’s cloakroom area in black with tiny, star-like lights.

Year two went to Glubiter, a rainforest planet, while others were sent to Yandoo.

In reception, the youngest pupils were learning about Bandinio, where half the planet is freezing cold and half is hot.

The Holmbush pupils are in the cold part this half term, while Coldean pupils enjoy the hot area.

Mrs Jackson said: “They will then meet up at half term and share information, before swapping to the other area.”

The children were making craters using marbles and flour, and building space buggies.

Various activities are planned for the rest of the term, many with a maths focus.

Mrs Jackson thanked parent Jane Hunt, Ashley Neal-Fuller, who runs www.doctorwho/, and Type 40 Toys in Worthing for lending the school several items to support the space travel adventures, including Daleks and a Cyberman.

“They will be exhibiting at Model World 2014 in February at the Brighton Centre if anyone wants a closer look,” she added.




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