VIDEO: Horsham McDonald’s mourners explain why they left floral tribute

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The teenage pranksters who left a bouquet of flowers and card outside Horsham’s McDonald’s have revealed the act was a practical joke.

Dressed in mourning attire, Callum Hull, Sam Waller and Jonny Kimber, all 16, spoke about the now-departed fast food chain, referring to it lovingly as ‘the hub of Horsham’.

The trio showed their dedication to the store by chipping in for a £5 bouquet, which was left outside the building along with a hand-written card yesterday (Wednesday July 30).

Sam, of Southwater, thought up the gesture to make friends laugh, without realising the attention the tribute would receive on social media.

He said: “We were only going to do it thinking our friends would like it and find it funny.

“We stayed a little bit just to see people’s reactions - just as we were putting it down, an older woman walked past and she thought it was hilarious.”

The County Times reported on the tribute yesterday, and received both positive and negative comments about the meaning of the act.

Sam, who stressed he would miss a McFlurry on a warm day, added it was ‘just a joke’ but that the boys enjoyed the online reaction.

He said: “It was very controversial - I think some people missed the practical joke, but it was nice to know that other people found it humorous.

“There was a lot of support as well, people saying they will miss it and thinking we were being deadly serious.”

Though they called the tribute a joke, the former Tanbridge House School pupils stressed they would miss the popular diner.

Callum, from Horsham, said: “I think Sam said ‘wouldn’t it be funny if we left a few flowers to say goodbye’.

“If you were in Horsham Park and fancied a Coke, it was the cheapest place to go.

“It was the best place in Horsham, the hub of Horsham, and I will miss it dearly.”

Jonny, from Southwater, said the viral reaction was unexpected.

He said: “We didn’t expect that at all, but I think most people found it funny.

“We thought it would be quite funny so we just did it - but we do miss the McFlurrys.”

The bunch of flowers and card, addressed to ‘my beloved McDonald’s’, prompted a huge number of comments on social media.

The heartfelt message inside the card reads: “You were there for me when I needed you the most and now I’m here for you.

“You stood high above the rest with your golden arches.

“You were the king of fast food, but to me you’re my queen.”

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