VIDEO: Dog of the week – Milo

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A RETIREMENT home offering company during the day is needed for crossbreed Milo.

The 14-year-old male dog is still quite active and would like a mooch around the block every day.

A quiet, adult-only home with a garden would be ideal, as long as there are no other dogs in the house.

Dogs Trust said: “He needs lots of TLC and a nice big soft bed to chill out in. He loves to dig into it and snuggle up under his bedding – is very cute!

“We think he has had a stroke at some point in his life, but it doesn’t affect him and he has recovered from it very well. The only visible sign is his endearing head tilt and that he is a tiny bit wobbly on his legs.

“He doesn’t like being on his own as he has had so much change in his life recently. With time, you may be able to build it up so that he can be left alone for a few hours.”

Contact Dogs Trust Shoreham on 01273 452576.




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