VIDEO: Beach car park covered in ‘vast spread of debris’

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ROCKS bigger than a fist were among a vast spread of debris across Southwick Beach car park last week.

Stormy weather caused the issue, near Carats Café, meaning disabled bays were inaccessible and others were difficult to get to.

Charles Sharpe, the café’s communications manager, said they had flagged the safety and accessibility issues with an NSL enforcement officer last Monday afternoon.

“The vast spread of debris in the car park included rocks bigger than my fist and paying car park users were unable to get to the disabled bays,” he added.

When nothing had been done by Thursday lunchtime, café staff called on near-neighbour Edurton Contractors for help.

Mr Sharpe said: “We asked if they could help to clear the surface of the car park, which they duly did, to their credit, with one of their vehicles.”

Café owner Chris Kraszewski said their concern was public safety and they questioned why enforcement was still taking place and the bins emptied, while the debris remained untouched.

“When it comes to the safety and wellbeing of the public and our customers, particularly our older or disabled customers not being able to park safely, then in this instance, we had to not just draw the line but take action ourselves,” he added.


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